informationJózef Jakubczyk

Born in 1954 in Poswietne/Pilica. Poland.

1979 - Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, Poland.


Piotrków Tryb., Lodz, Warsaw, Essen, Esslingen,Basel, Geneva, New York, Toronto, Tokyo, Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, Nice, Poznan, Limoges

Long time ago tapestries used to be an inseparable part of the inside decoration of rich nobles houses. Now they are used by those who want to give their interiors a peaceful and a warm touch.

The most precious tapestries are handmade. The artist, while starting to weave, has to know the final shape of his work, as no changes are possible later. The most difficult is the beginning, the initial 30 centimeters. These are those first threads that the final shape of the fabric, the harmony of colours depend on.

The central topic of Józef Jakubczyk's art works is the nature. His tapestries are wonderfully realistic, so they are ofteen called

„weaved paintings”. Sometimes one can find there abstract themes but most of them are landscapes, flowers animals and butterflies.

To weave his tapestries the artist uses just sheep wool. Every composition can be made of up to several thousands of colourful threads. Each thread has got its proper place and plays its well determined role. Creating such works is very time-consuming. It might take a few months to complete a tapestry.

Such natural art works are able to create warm, uncommon atmosphere even in cold, sterile interiors.